Candy Ferguson-Babcock has always had a love for writing and a keen sense for adventure.  She was born and raised in New York and moved to Southern California with her husband Bill and their dog that she loved so very much, TC.

Their move to California has been the adventure that she had hoped for.  Candy earned her Bachelor’s Degree at Pepperdine University, landed a job that gave her the opportunity to travel to several European cities assisting a political dignitary on a peace tour, and is now working harder than ever for a large company in the real estate industry in a sales position.  Candy loves her job because she is involved with many trade associations that have involvement with charity work, something else very important to her.

Candy has always loved animals, especially dogs.  After getting engaged to Bill, he gave her an Old English Sheep dog.  His name was Max.  Max went from a 5 pound to an 80 pound puppy.  He was so fun loving and gentle.  He loved running with Candy, going bye-bye in the car with Bill, and playing with the kids in the neighborhood who would stop to see Max every day on their way to and from school. 

TC was their next dog.  They got him when they lived in an apartment in New York which did not allow pets.  Candy would sneak him in and out in a gym bag.  He only got to be 9 pounds so he would go everywhere with Candy and Bill including on a flight in first class on a visit home to New York from Los Angeles.

When TC had to go to heaven Candy and Bill were so devastated that they could not imagine having another dog.  That lasted for about a year.  Then Candy wanted another dog so bad, but, she wanted to get two this time.  Bill searched hard and found a breeder of toy poodles.  This is the start of the story of Rocco and Max, the two new loves in her life who inspired her to write this book.

Her new dream, to write a series of books on “The Adventures of Rocco and Max, Superhero Poodles” that will be loved by both children and adults, have a positive influence on the lives of all that read them and teach everyone to "always do the right thing".
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