This is the story of two puppy toy poodles who are brothers.  When they were born their mother knew there was something special about these two, she just did not know what it was.

The two puppies were adopted by Alexa and EJ who gave them a very happy and loving home.  They were named Rocco and Max.  They loved everything about their life, their new home, all the love and attention they received and the cool names they were given.

On the first night in their new home Rocco and Max got a strange visit from the spirit of TC.   TC was also a poodle and had lived with Alexa and EJ for over seventeen years, he had to go to heaven but would watch over Alexa and EJ forever.

TC would start passing along some of the superhero powers that had been given to him to Rocco and Max, a little at a time.  These powers would become stronger with every good deed the two brothers would do.

Excited about this gift they received, Rocco and Max set out on an adventure to find a good deed to carry out.  They found Michael who was being bullied by mean school mates.  Rocco and Max wanted so bad to help Michael and teach the bullies that it does not pay to be bad.  If you want to be successful and happy in life you must always to the right thing.  This is where their adventure begins.
Last updated: May 30, 2011
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